#Roatan, Honduras. Gr8 place to relax (video + pics)

Welcome to Roatan.

Welcome to Roatan. Look at those teeth.

Had never heard of Roatan until I took up scuba diving three years ago. It’s well known as a central American dive mecca. Regular travellers are also learning about its many charms.

This small island off the north coast of Honduras caters to all types: the well-heeled looking for a five-star beach vacation, backpackers on a budget and those in between.

Most travellers stay in either the West End (budget) or West Bay (expensive). Both parts of the island have great restaurants, white sand beaches and turquoise water.

Honduras is a Spanish speaking country, but everyone in Roatan speaks English. Lots of expats.

I stayed at the Anderson Sunset Apartments in the West End. Cost me $35 USD a night. Basic but clean, no regular maid service, but had TV, microwave and a large fridge. Located on the water and next door to the dive shop I patronized, it couldn’t have been better.

United, Delta and Avianca fly to Roatan via Houston, Chicago, Atlanta and San Salvador. Charter flights also make stops during the winter months. I liked it so much, I’m heading back in March 2015.

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