@United Airlines DIDN’T fail me

United Airlines did good. I'm stunned.

United Airlines did good. I wasn’t dreaming.

Colour me STUNNED beyond belief.

A stupendously positive experience on United Airlines. On four flights. Could United have turned over a new leaf?

Tank’s Travels readers will know of my horrific past experiences with this airline. The only airline that has ever made me cry. (And, I am NOT an emotional girl).

Tank versus United Airlines

In August, I flew to Roatan, Honduras on United with short layovers in Houston, Texas. I can’t point to one thing in the four flights that irritated me. The planes were old but clean. The staff great. The flights left on time and arrived early. I did fly business class, having paid to upgrade. This definitely made some things easier and smoother.

Funny thing. I met and scuba dived during my trip with two United employees, a mechanic and a pilot. Both former Continental employees who were absorbed into United when Continental was bought out a few years ago.

One was highly critical of United, lambasting the airline for abysmal customer service. Ashamed to be working for an airline that caused so much misery among flyers, especially since Continental had such a terrific reputation for service.

My last eight flights with United have been screw up free. Has United Airlines turned a page? I hope so. I’ve got another four flights booked for later this year.

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