Learning Spanish: you’ve been warned Latin America

Just wait til I get to modulo 10.

Just wait til I get to modulo 10.

Not sure what’s worse.

My speaking English in a Spanish-speaking country or my butchering Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country.

The good folks of Honduras and Mexico will soon find out.

Prepare Latin America. Your amiga is now an estudiante de Espanol.

Been preparing for in-class instruction by doing daily courses on my IPad on Duolingo (free app) and Babbel ($20 or so for three months).

Consequently, I’m not the dumbest person – for once – in my language course at UBC.

Why am I trying to learn Spanish at my advanced age? Especially when I failed to master even basic French although I was born in Quebec, had extensive french education in school, attended French immersion school and lived in French Canada until I was early 15.

Because this time will be different. I really, really want to learn Spanish (I think).

Thing is, I travel to Spanish-speaking countries frequently to scuba dive. I’m embarrassed I can’t converse in Spanish. Spanish-speakers are forced to speak to me in English in their country. Kinda disrespectful of me, don’t ya think?

Although the Spanish words ‘margarita’ and ‘por favor’ have served me well, it’s time to learn a few more.


9 thoughts on “Learning Spanish: you’ve been warned Latin America

    • Thanks. I’ll respond in Spanish in about ten years when my Spanish vocabulary matches yours and I can understand what you said.
      I’m still working on Hola, Gracias, Mucho Gusto!!

      • hahaha dont worry!! Its great that you are already putting so much effort…languages take time, Im still struggling with German after 2 years. I wish you lots of success 😀

      • Thanks for the encouragement. You’re so kind. German?!!! Now that’s a challenge I’ll never take on. Too hard.

      • You’re welcome 🙂 Yes, German… I got married to a German and moved to Munich 2 years ago hahaha…. its a hard language and it really takes time and effort, but its not impossible to learn! Im sure you will learn Spanish 🙂

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