Bay of Pigs? Bay of Crabs more like

This was one of the most freakish scuba diving experiences ever (besides diving with panda bears).

My diving guide warned me a portion of the road to our Bay of Pigs dive site on Cuba’s south coast was overrun with crabs this time of year. The mama crabs running to the sea to deposit eggs time of year.

Said we’d probably get a flat tire (oh joy).

How bad could it be, I wondered?

Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the crabs scurrying across the road. And the carnage – the squashed remains of the ones that didn’t quite make it.

Coming face to face-ish with them was the worst. They surrounded me in the bathroom stall, watching me do my business. What creeped me out the most was their eyes.

Take a look at the photos.

Crabs in the bathroom stall. Horrible,

Crabs in the bathroom stall. Horrible. Look at their eyes.

The great diving in the Bay of Pigs (no pigs unfortunately) made up for the horror of the crabs. I’ve never seen anything like it.

We didn’t get a flat tire, in the end.

Still, the owner of the car that took us to the bay refused a second trip a few days later!

3 thoughts on “Bay of Pigs? Bay of Crabs more like

  1. I think I got spoiled diving the Bay of Pigs. I missed the crab migration. I did my first ever two dives there. The first was a very easy wall dive where you entered the water, swam out a little and there was a nice wall with lots of coral and fish species. My second dive we came upon a wreck. An old Russian frigate. Also on the second dive we were visited by a massive whale shark. Our videographer invited us to pat it as they are baleen eaters and quite friendly. Great pictures and video. Like I said, I have done a couple of dives since and they couldn’t compare to that. I am going back next month for more dives. The water is warm, clear and there is a nice variety of things to see. Great for beginners like me.

    • Great to hear. Cuba is a special place. Was back there in late November, but didn’t dive. Tell me, who did you dive with at the Bay of Pigs? How did you make the arrangements? Where did you stay?

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