The #dog-hating #tourist

Man's best friend tries to make a new one!!!

Man’s best friend tries to make a new one!!!

What a ruckus this woman created on the otherwise tranquil beach in Varadero, Cuba.

Pissed because a mangy black mutt had taken to sleeping under one of her two beach chairs.

My pina colada-fuelled curiosity and love of a spectacle got the best of me, so I decided to investigate.

Seems she had called the hotel staff several times and ordered them to move the dog. Several times they tried to wake the dog.

Several times the dog refused to be awoken.

The woman was getting angrier with every attempt.


“It’s not funny”, she snapped when I laughed at her predicament and offered to take the dog back to my chair. Made me laugh even more.

Finally, the hotel staff was able to rouse the dog’s consciousness enough to move it to another beach chair. Where it lay for about 15 minutes before making it’s way back to the woman’s chair where it fell soundly asleep again.


Let sleeping dogs lie for Christs sake

Let sleeping dogs lie for Christ’s sake

In a nano-second, the woman was up on her hind legs trying to get the attention of staff members. Only they’d made themselves scarce.

So in the end, dog and fuming, dog hater whiled away the afternoon together. Perfect. Made my day.




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