My beautiful, impractical new carry on suitcase

Torq Spinner

Looks great. Holds practically nothing.

It’s the prettiest suitcase I’ve ever owned and the most impractical.

The Briggs & Riley Torq is ridiculously small.

At eight pounds, it isn’t even one of the lighter polycarbonate suitcases out there. If you buy it, be prepared to pack only the bare necessities. The dimensions are “9.4 x 13.3 x 19.4”, the accepted international carry on standard, which is smaller than what the North American airlines will allow.

I used it for a recent four day trip, packing electronic adapters, toiletries, a hair curler, four dresses (rolled up), a few pairs of tights and undergarments. That was the limit of its capacity.

Left out running gear – shoes, shorts, socks and tops – that I would otherwise have taken along.

I was seduced into buying the Torq by its beauty. I love the colour, the look and the ease with which it moves. I paid a fortune – in the $500 CDN range. I also like that this suitcase is guaranteed for life.

Which means the Torq and I will be taking only short trips together in the future. And I’ll be washing a lot of clothes in the hotel sink.

More money that sense, as my mother would say.

4 thoughts on “My beautiful, impractical new carry on suitcase

  1. You should never need a hard sided carry on as you always have it with you (and can therefore protect it). I have traveled for several weeks with a bag that size. Yes, you do have to do laundry of undies and occasionally shirts and pants. I think the spinner wheels and hardware suck up a lot of space that could be used by the actual bag.

    • You’re right. This wasn’t a purchase made on the basis of what’s sensible. I like the way it looked!!!

  2. To Lady Light Travel:
    Haven’t you seen the Seinfeld episode where a flight attendant squashed Jerry’s soft bag in the overhead compartment to make it fit, breaking his bottle of hot sauce all over his packed clothing? This is to say that you can’t really control your carry on all of the time so a hard side still has value for protecting fragile items. 🙂 I’d like to get the Torq for it’s wheels and warranty but don’t like how it looks. Fear of a carry on size crack down by United has me shopping for a very slightly small bag than my current Samsonite. The only Rimowa hardside spinner I could find that fits 14x9x22 is the mini. Very tiny.

    • I believe the Torq carry-on is the international standard size, which is smaller than the US carry-on standard. Good for a night or two away, but not much more. Would love to hear what you eventually settle on.

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