A tale of two Air Canadas

View from an Air Canada Rouge flight at Pearson International Airport.

View from an Air Canada Rouge flight at Pearson International Airport.

Tank’s Travels readers will know about my rocky relationship with Air Canada. (Don’t get me started on United Airlines).

I’ve had great and horrific customer service from Air Canada onboard and off during the decades I’ve been flying with the airline.

(Just when you think Air Canada is getting its act together, its handlers begin tossing baggage around. On camera.)

Surliness lives here.

Surliness lives here. The ‘other’ Air Canada.

There are two Air Canadas when it comes to corporate mindset. The old stodgy, sometimes customer service and public relations-challenged Air Canada, and the new, progressive Westjet-esque Air Canada Rouge.

Rouge Rocks.

I flew Rouge for the first time between Toronto and Varadero, Cuba. The staff members were relaxed, cheerful and enjoyed interacting with passengers. Everyone was having fun. (Even, I think, the people sitting next to the kid who wailed the entire flight).

It was like flying passenger-friendly Westjet.

Rouge’s superior customer service indicates a few things:  Air Canada has finally figured out what excellent customer service constitutes and how it can be delivered.

Rouge flight attendant being cheerful and helpful.

Rouge flight attendant being cheerful and helpful.

Let’s hope Rouge can drive the rest of the Air Canada family forward in improving experiences for all passengers.


  • Seems some folks are being ‘bumped’ onto Rouge flights and aren’t happy.  Read more …

2 thoughts on “A tale of two Air Canadas

  1. I flew Air Canada to and from Montreal and Vancouver. The trip to Montreal was really good even though we were delayed close to two hours due to an engine light. Staff were courteous and made us feel comfortable. On the way back it was the opposite. It took forever to board because they were so geared towards first and business class service. Then we were delayed with little to no reason or hospitality. The flight was a little better but still they seemed much more focused on the expensive seats. The announcements were too quiet to hear properly as well. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t stellar either. Maybe I will get an opportunity to try Rouge.

  2. First and Business Classes are where airlines make their money, so they bend over backwards for those customers. The great thing about Rouge is that there’s only one class of seating. It’s geared to vacationers – not business travellers. That’s why it’s more casual and friendly.

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