Tank versus United Airlines – who’s the idiot now?

Quite expecting United to do something to upset me!!

Quite expecting United to do something to upset me!!  (Me on Bangkok Airways – another airline that pissed me off)

As faithful readers know, nothing gets me more riled up than hearing about United Airlines screwing people.

I’ve been a United screwee.

United has achieved what no other airline has: brought me to tears in an airport terminal. (Not in public view, of course). I am NOT a girl who normally cries.

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After much ranting on social media, United settled with me. I accepted a voucher for a modest amount, valid for one year, off a future flight on United. Ugh. Wasn’t sure I ever wanted to fly United again after this experience. I used the voucher to pay for a portion of a flight from Seattle to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in August 2013.

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Well, I’ve done it again. Booked a trip to Roatan, Honduras for later this year. On United.

Am I out of my mind?

Yes and no.

  • United is a member of the Star Alliance. So is Air Canada. I can put United travel points on Air Canada’s Aeroplan. I’m trying to accumulate tens of thousands of miles for a trip to Asia on Air Canada in 2015.
  • United offered the most convenient routing. Could do without the overnight stay in Houston, but what the hell.
  • The price was right. I used RBC Visa reward points to pay for most of the flight. Was able to get business class seating on all legs of the journey for a grand total of $315.00 CDN.
  • United gives me great blog content, most of it unflattering toward the airline!
  • I desperately want United to get better, so I keep giving the airline more chances.

So, off I go rekindling my relationship with United Airlines. Based on my experience in August 2013, United may be getting its act together. Or maybe I’m just an idiot. Stay tuned.

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Here’s a gallery from the Puerto Vallarta trip.

One thought on “Tank versus United Airlines – who’s the idiot now?

  1. Haha! I love the point that UA gives you blog content. If for no other reason, that’s the best one. Lol.

    Looking forward to blogs about Honduras!

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