Huckster, Peddler, Hawker #painsintheass

Sellers of stuff, like this guy, annoy travellers. Don't reward bad behaviour.

Sellers of stuff, like this guy, annoy travellers. Don’t reward bad behaviour.

I have no idea what this guy was selling. All I remember is he hollered at me every morning on Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon on my way to the scuba dive shop.

In fact, I ran the gauntlet of these hucksters every day. Trying to sell me cigars, tequila, boat tours, fishing trips and other crap.

They drove me crazy. Where ever there are tourists, there are huckster-hawker-peddlers.

I understand people have to make a living and there aren’t always a lot of options.

Still, I’m sick of being yelled at. I will NOT make a purchase from anyone who conducts business this way.

The Restaurant Hustle

This is a new twist on the tourist-directed timeshare harassment. Time share reps now approach you in restaurants and offer you the chance to spend a day at a new all-inclusive resort, at their expense of course. They are relentless in their pestering. What they don’t tell you is you’ll have to enduring the time share hard sell all day long. Leave and you’ll have to find your own way back to your hotel.

I was approached several times in Puerto Vallarta restaurants by people making this offer. One of them was the hostess at the restaurant doing double duty. Shameful.

Turn and run if you see this guy.

Turn and run if you see this guy.

Not deliberately besmirching Puerto Vallarta here. I love the place and have more trips planned there in the future.

But, I’d like a lot less attention when I visit.

3 thoughts on “Huckster, Peddler, Hawker #painsintheass

  1. We were lucky on our recent trip to PV. Only one encounter with a timeshare huckster. His pitch, once he found out I had timeshare at a place that I never visit, was that I should go out to the Mayan Palace and see what great new things were in store. Escaped after only five minutes. In fact I had just commented to my friend that there seemed to be a lot less of that going on since the last time I was in PV. Maybe I was just eating in the wrong restaurants. 😉

    • The Mayan Palace folks are pretty relentless. They, of course, work on commission and do their huckstering in conjunction with their other jobs. The restaurant hustle crossed the line. I will NEVER eat in those places again.

  2. On a boat ride in PV this year, I overheard two men talking about a time share one owns, which he thought was a ripoff. Older guy was advising him to simply walk away from it, stop payments. But he advised to never admit to a hawker that you had a time share, because they may look you up and go after you.

    Two places to visit where we didn’t experience persistent hawkers: Nicaragua: Beautiful country, very cheap, lovely people. Fascinating history. Costa Rica: Amazing diversity of wildlife and climate in a small country. Visit Guanacaste province on Pacific for wonderful beaches and resorts, leatherback turtles, and arts communities. Vist Tortuguero on Caribbean side for awesome jungle & wildlife experience by boat.

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