Why is Steve Nash (+ his greater Vancouver fitness clubs) alienating women? @snsc

Sidebar post today folks.

I’m outraged with my local gym, where I TRAVEL at least twice/three times a week. This post is specific to Vancouver area dwellers, but I hope you’ll read and be equally pissed off.

Shame on STEVE NASH Fitness World for selling memberships based on women’s only sections then quietly eliminating them.

The company has informed me it hasn’t made a decision on women’s sections and is determining member demand.


They’re not soliciting input from members at the Davie club (my club). I’ve asked to give input there and have been told it’s a head office decision. This is a done deal.

This company doesn’t understand women have unique needs and wants. Sexist, stupid, misogynist. Call it what you will. Fitness World doesn’t deserve to keep its women members.

Here’s some background.

Firstly, the women’s sections at the Davie club is well used.

Thirteen months ago, the club removed all the weight machines geared to women’s smaller bodies, replaced them with mens-sized machines and made the section primarily co-ed. This, I’m told, was done for a reno which is only just happening now.

The signage demarcating the sections has been abysmal, with men wandering in to the women’s section only to be chased out. They’re understandably pissed off and embarrassed when this happens and take their anger out on us, the women who use the section. The club has refused to post clear, understandable signage.

Two Davie staffers have, in the last few days, told me the women’s section is being removed as part of the renovation.

They rationalize it by saying: “some of our other clubs don’t have women’s sections”, “we need to do this to improve the flow of the gym.”

In one breath they say, “I’ve heard a rumour it’s happening” and in the next they say, “it’s a done deal”.

Lots of women don’t want to work out in the company of men, their sweat and their grunting. (Sorry guys, you’re not always the best workout partners).

I encourage people to let Fitness World know this is a bad move.

I encourage women in greater Vancouver to NOT join Steve Nash Fitness World until the company comes clean on its plans.

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