Beach baby delivery

Busy mama turtle giving birth on a beach i San Jose del Cabo.

Busy mama turtle giving birth on a beach in San Jose del Cabo.

With social media and all I suppose you can’t really expect to do much in private anymore.

That’s how I rationalize being a looky-loo on a San Jose del Cabo beach watching a mama sea turtle give birth in October 2013.

She didn’t look happy. Or particularly comfortable. And I don’t think it was the crowd of gawkers making her feel that way. Birthing hurts. Ouchie.

Earlier in the week, I had participated in the release of a baby turtle into the ocean. Future hotel patrons would get to release this mama’s babies. I wanted to see what she was laying in the sand.

It was not to be.

Watch a short video of the turtle in action  (suitable for all audiences)

Hung out long enough to shoot some video and stills. Then, the siren call of the all-inclusive poolside bar drew me away.

I hope everything turned out okay for mama and babies and that I see them all someday when I’m scuba diving in the Sea of Cortez.

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