Posada Real Hotel: good value in Los Cabos

Nice beach. But not swimmable.

Nice beach. But not swimmable.

My five night trip to Los Cabos, Mexico in October was an impulse purchase. The weather in Vancouver at the time was terrible (read: grey + rainy), I had a weekend off my college teaching job and the price was right.

So I went with about a week’s notice.

I’m not fussy about hotels. Two or three stars are fine with me as long as they get decent-ish reviews on Tripadvisor from seemingly sane people. I ignore the inane rantings of spoiled, delusional people who want five star treatment at a two star price. Then bitch when the property fails to live up to their fantasy.

For me, the Posada Real in San Jose del Cabo fit the bill. It had almost everything I wanted:

  • Clean room. (Bed was a bit hard).
  • Clean bathroom. (The toilet was positioned a bit too far back toward the countertop which meant the lid would smack you in the back when you sat down. A bit of a nuisance).
  • Nice pool. (Check).
  • Beach. (Would have preferred swimmable beach).
  • All inclusive. (The breakfast was good. Lunch and dinner not so much. I was there during low season. Hotel was pretty empty, so I imagine they were working off a limited menu).
  • I also got to release a baby turtle into the ocean.

I’m satisfied that I got what I paid for. This hotel offers excellent value.

Will I visit again? Depends. Not because of the hotel, but because of the beach situation in San Jose del Cabo. I like to play in the ocean. Here, it’s not safe to swim. So, for my next trip, I’ll likely park myself in Cabo San Lucas, where you can swim in ocean. But only if the price is right.

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