One day in Seoul

I wonder if the person who lost these boots in Incheon, near Seoul, was having a good day

I wonder if the person who lost these boots was having a nice day

I never deliberately set out to visit Korea. It was a connection between flights from Bangkok and Vancouver.

I was a tad miffed when Air Canada told me my ticket had changed and now included a one and a half day layover in Seoul. The airline offered a no layover option through Tokyo. I decided to stick with Seoul and book a hotel.

Glad I did. I liked Seoul a whole lot.

I flew in from Bangkok on the red eye, arriving around 0700. I’d booked myself onto a five hour bus trip originating at the airport to see a few sights. This was to happen before I checked into my hotel in Incheon later in the day.

Read about my suitcase lock adventure in Korea …

This is what I got to do and see for $50 USD:

Then, back to the airport (and my lock adventure).

I WILL visit Seoul again. Spend a few days this time. The city is very expensive, but I’m prepared to budget for a trip back to this wonderful place.

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