A day of #scuba #diving in Cabo San Lucas

Sneaky little fish trying to hide from the camera.

Sneaky little fish trying to hide from the camera.

Not my best day of diving. But not a complete wash out.

Two dives on October 16, 2013 near El Arco (The Arch) at Cabo San Lucas – about a ten minute boat ride from the harbour.

Dive sites: Pelican Rock and Land’s End. Dive operator: Cabo Adventures. (Yes, the sister company of Vallarta Adventures and the go-go dancing boys). Paid about $106 CDN for the excursion.

The company had a driver pick me up at and deliver me back to my hotel in San Jose del Cabo, 20 miles north.

Water was 82 degrees. Lovely.

Visibility underwater wasn’t great. Worse at Land’s End.

Terrific scenery above the surface. Gorgeous turquoise water. White sandy beaches. Divine.

Did see a couple of large sea lions whiz by. A first.

No shark sightings though. Sniff.

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