The scuba addiction cannot be cured

Out goes the running gear, in goes the scuba gear.

So, here’s the original plan.

  • Five nights in Cabo. First time to this part of Mexico.
  • No checked luggage.
  • Solo.
  • Just me, my Ipad, my E-Reader and my IPod.
  • A chance for early morning runs followed by lazy days at the pool/beach.

No plan to leave the resort unless it rains.

And definitely NO SCUBA DIVING.

Following four days of hyperventilating over this plan, I relented and booked one day of diving in the Sea of Cortez.

Since I’m sticking to the ‘no checked luggage’ promise, the run gear will be coming out of the suitcase.

For the first time since I began diving, I won’t be packing all my scuba gear. Just taking my mask, breathing apparatus, computer and wetsuit. I’ll borrow the fins and buoyancy control vest.

The original plan was hatched because all my recent trips have featured multiple days of diving and too few relax days.

Apparently cold turkey isn’t possible. This addiction is proving hard to resist.

There are just so many cool things to see.

UPDATE:  New, new plan. Taking big suitcase and all scuba gear. And all run gear. Checking the suitcase. There is no hope for me.

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