Diving with Manta Rays


Near Pagangbai, east Bali. June 2013. I dove with the mantas two days. Unforgettable. (C Lee photo)

I’m reposting this popular photo and adding a few more. The Bali Manta was my most popular blog entry this week.

Scuba diving doesn’t get any better than this.

This is a photo of me taking a photo of a Manta Ray at a ‘cleaning station’ (their’s – not mine) in east Bali.

The mantas swam on the surface – above us – for about 20 minutes.

There were snorkelers in the area as well. So, if you ever get to Bali, see if you can book a snorkelling trip to see the mantas.

A lot of attention is paid to ensuring the mantas aren’t bugged by the tourists who’ve come to see them. Boats are kept far back, necessitating a bit of a swim to the small bay. Worth it.


Another view of a Manta Ray in east Bali. (Tank photo)


Incredible. (Tank photo)

The 'undercarriage' of a Manta Ray.

The ‘undercarriage’ of a Manta Ray. (Tank photo)

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