Go-go dancing boys update

They boogie woogied. They pelvic-thrusted. They performed not one, but two dance shows.

And so, as predicted, the tranquility of my snorkeling and sightseeing day trip was interrupted (but NOT ruined) by the dancing boys of Vallarta Adventures (boat #1).

In fairness, my memory of past dance routines was far, far worse than what I witnessed during my recent (August 2013) excursion to Marietas Island in Banderas Bay, Mexico. A trip I recommend.

Go-go dancing travel guides. Kill me now

The morning dance routine introduced us to the crew. The fellows who would help us on/off the boat, clean up after us and, most importantly, deliver the free Pina Coladas.

Watch a short video of the boys dancing

Unfortunately, the dancing preceded the drinks.

Dance one of the day. Meet the crew.

Dance one of the day. Meet the crew.

Shake yer.....

Shake yer…..

They performed again in the afternoon heading back to Puerto Vallarta. This is what the afternoon show looked like.

Mexican Kiss

Mexican KISS. If I were in KISS, I’d want to be former drummer Peter Criss’s cat character.

Loud. But no insufferably long.

Loud. But not insufferably long.

I’m not a fan of loud music. But mercifully, it was over quickly. To their credit, the Vallarta Adventures staffers work incredibly hard to feed, water, entertain and watch out for the safety of dozens of guests every day. They deserve every peso they make in tips.

Never forget to tip. Even if dancing isn’t your thing.

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