Reclining your airplane seat – just plain mean

So, my recent flight on United Airlines from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to Houston, Texas began the usual way. With someone in a middle seat asking me to move from my window seat across the aisle so she could sit with her friend.

Tank’s policy on airplane seats

Lots of reasons to refuse. One is my friend was sitting directly in front of me and promised not to recline the seat because of the very limited space.

There’s precious little room in economy nowadays without some jerk reclining.

The woman next to me wasn’t so lucky, as you can see.


In response, she reclined her seat. Reclining begets reclining. Then, everyone has a terrible flying experience.

If it were up to me, airplane seats in economy wouldn’t recline.

BTW, this jerk also waited until the plane was unloading after a two-and-a-half hour flight to ask my friend for a pen so he could fill in his U.S. customs form. This trapped my friend in the row while this guy sat there – with tray down – filling in the document. What’s wrong with people?

2 thoughts on “Reclining your airplane seat – just plain mean

  1. SEEMS to me we’re all treated the same way I’m lanky six-footer and I like to put my feet under the seat in front of me sometimes I contact other feet with apologies forthcoming. I think you’re just a bit misdirected….the airlines can adjust the seats for more legroom and you DO have the option of flying in Executive or Business class so sorry no sympathy or at least general sympathy for all who fly in cramped airplanes.

  2. I hate those requests, from passengers who didn’t bother to book a specific seat, to change seats so they can sit with a friend or relative. You feel like a jerk to say no, and you feel used if you say yes. I ALWAYS book a window seat, and so could they. I like flying and looking at the world passing by below and sitting in a seat away from a window would make the whole experience a waste of time. Jerks!

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