I found Charlie the Tuna’s cell phone ….

Today’s catch: A Motorola cellphone (does this company still make phones?) and a beer cap. Found while scuba diving near Los Arcos in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Better than a bite from a great white shark I suppose….but thinking of carrying a mesh bag when I dive to pick up the trash I find. Underwater sanitation engineer, a new job for me.

Puerto Vallarta waters are pretty free of garbage. Dive staff at Chico’s Dive Shop always picks up trash during dives.

The worst waters for garbage, in my experience, are around Bali. Terrible. Trash in the water a big problem. Truly a shame in a such a beautiful place.

Please don’t litter our waters. The little fishies need us to keep it clean.

One thought on “I found Charlie the Tuna’s cell phone ….

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