Where are my reviews Viator??

Damneon Floating Market. Tour guide seemed frazzled and frustrated.

Damneon Floating Market. Tour guide seemed frazzled and frustrated.

I booked two day tours in Bangkok through Viator in advance on my recent trip to South East Asia in June. Total cost: roughly $110 Canadian.

Upon my return, I received an email from the company asking me for reviews.

I quickly reviewed the two excursions honestly, noting the unadvertised side trip to the gem factory/store (see gem scam entry) and the unprofessionalism of the guide and problems with sufficient air conditioning in the transport van on the floating market trip. These were fair characterizations of the excursions.

Do ya think Viator published these reviews??? NOPE.

I will NEVER book a tour through Viator again. While the company only serves to market tours on behalf of suppliers, it needs to vet these suppliers and publish truthful reviews.

I urge you to NOT book through Viator. Also, spread the word.

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