United Airlines strikes again


Needed more than one margarita to recover from my latest United adventure.

I was fairly sure United Airlines wasn’t going to deliver me to Mexico, with a connection in Houston, without a hitch. I was proven right yet again.

Back to the start. Drive Vancouver to Seattle.

Take Seattle to Houston red eye on United. Flight oversold, jam packed.

Five hour layover in Houston.

1135 am flight to Puerto Vallarta delayed for two hours. Reason: low pressure reading on one of the hydraulic systems. Problem discovered after we’d all piled onto the plane. Pilot was forthcoming with info to the point of scaring the bejesus out of us.

Told to ‘deplane’ with our bags after one hour. Then, told to reboard ten minutes later. A circus.

Of course other passengers, who were told to stay at the gate, disappeared. Meant we couldn’t depart until they showed up.

I’m glad United fixed the problem before we flew. But this episode confirms what I’ve long thought about the airline: there’s ALWAYS a problem when you fly United.

And the reason I’m flying United? I got a voucher after the airline stranded me in San Francisco last year.

Read my horrifying tale …

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