Go-go dancing travel guides? Kill me now.

Beach vacation means boat travel. I could do without the go-go dancing boys.

Beach vacation means boat travel. I could do without the go-go dancing boys.

I’m off to Puerto Vallarta soon to visit my old patient diving instructors and introduce a friend to the fabulous country of Mexico. Looking forward to it….

But, I swear I may have to throw myself overboard if I have to endure another performance featuring male travel guides pelvic thrusting and silly dancing onboard a Vallarta Adventures boat trip.

Drinking self into oblivion may be another good option.

I know, I shouldn’t book these over-priced day trips. “Find a local guide instead” say all the experts.

I’ve taken this particular boat trip before with friends visiting Banderas Bay for the first time. Why:

  • It’s a nice way to see the bay.
  • The boats are seaworthy and clean.
  • I’ll also be doing some diving from one of the boats to areas not really accessible any other way.

The trade off is time spent with the pelvic thrusters, a performance aimed at entertaining (?) the captives during the trip back to the harbour.

It may appeal the 20 year old drunk girls and boys vacationing without their parents for the first time – those who aren’t vomiting at the back of the boat or passed out. But families with children and old cranks like me hate the spectacle and the awful loud music.

I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed it when I was 20 and drunk.

It has been a year since my last trip. Fingers crossed the company has cancelled this gross spectacle since then.

3 thoughts on “Go-go dancing travel guides? Kill me now.

  1. Spent two weeks in P.V. this past February. Just be a little selective on side trips – my favourites were the bus trip to San Sebastian – our Guide was a passionate lover of his home land, and regaled us with little-known stories, such as the origin of La Cucaracha and the inner lives of Richard B and Liz – what a hoot. He explained that licenced guides must have University education – and it showed. A most enjoyable day. Also, Rhythms of the Night – a fabulous evening of splendid local food and an outdoor performance of a romantic tale – well worth the dollars. I might note I am a single senior with limited mobility and vision, and at all times was treated with kindness and courtesy. I stayed in an older, family owned resort midway between the Airport and old Puerto Vallarta, reasonable in price, clean, and wonderful staff. Have highly recommended it as a destination for my Canadian friends. This year, off to El Salvador for a month!

    • Thanks so much Judi for the comment. This will be my 9th visit to PV – it’s a very special place. Excited about and looking forward to doing the San Sebastian trip this time. I’ve done Las Caletas (site of Rhythms..), Yelapa, Marietas.
      Enjoy El Salvador. It’s on my travel wish list.

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