Tank rates US/Canada airlines …

Preparing to land in Miami on American Airlines.

Preparing to land in Miami on American Airlines.

I love flying. Been that way since my first flight on BOAC as a child. What I don’t love are SOME airlines. I’ve been on a few in the last year or so. Here are some remarks:

Air Canada (including Air Canada Express): There was a time when I would have been glad to see Air Canada whither and die. Mostly because of the surly flight attendants and nausea-inducing food. In recent years, this airline has improved by leaps and bounds. Flights leave mostly on time, flight staffers are attentive and pleasant and they haven’t lost my luggage. Trying to connect with an agent on the phone remains a nightmare (“we are experiencing higher than usual call volumes…”). My last flight on AC was to Seoul, return. No complaints. Nice journey.  8/10

American Airlines: Flew 7 legs earlier this year. Vancouver-Los Angeles-Miami-Grand Cayman-Miami-Dallas-Vancouver. Brand new 737s. Roomy-ish in economy. Flights were packed. Lots of frustration, delays and anger in the aisles over an insufficient amount of overhead luggage space. AA loads planes by categories/zones, depending on your flyer status. Not by aisle which makes more sense.  7/10

See pics of Grand Cayman …

Alaska Airlines: Flew Bellingham, Washington to Vegas. Save one rude counter person last year, never had a bad experience on Alaska.  8/10

Upcoming reviews:  Westjet, Asiana, Air Transat.

Already reviewed:  Air Bangkok, United Airlines, Sunwing.

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