Bangalore boys and their big toys

Nice guys. Great deal on TVs in Thailand they told me. Kept me entertained in a long line up.

Nice guys. Great deal on TVs in Thailand.

I’ve stood in a lot of airport lines in my day.

I’ve never seen anything like this.

About two dozen young men, all friends from Bangalore’s IT industry, in the line at Bangkok’s airport with giant TVs. Ranging from 30-something to 50-something inches in size.

Confirming no matter where you are in the world, size matters when it comes to men and their TVs. The friend who’d purchased the smallest took lots of ribbing from the others.

Size matters when it comes to TVs.

Size matters when it comes to TVs.

Here’s their story. It’s cheaper to fly from Bangalore to Thailand, stay a week in Bangkok, buy a big screen TV and pay duty in India than it is to buy the same TV in India.

“We save about a thousand dollars,” one told me.

I had so many questions:

-How much extra is the airline charging for the oversized article? “Nothing.”

-Does the airline have room for all these TVs? “Yes, we’ve done this before.”

-How did you get to the airport? “Taxis.”

-What are you going to do with your old TVs?  “Sell them to friends.”

-Why do you need such a big TV? “You just do.”

I was sorry to see their giant TVs disappear down the luggage conveyor and them to a different gate.

What an education. And a great story I’ll not soon forget.

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