Rude, ugly tourists

Mad crowd even more upset after rude girls from Manchester pushed in.

Mad crowd even more upset after rude girls from Manchester pushed in.

You couldn’t have found a more sleep deprived and cranky group of travellers than the folks in this picture. Me among them.

Cranky for good reason.

It’s 5:00 am. Only a couple of Air Asia employees are staffing the counters at Bangkok’s old Don Muang Airport. This is with several flights scheduled to depart before 7:00 am.

The few counters operating are at a standstill owing to unprepared travellers unpacking their overweight suitcases, trying to avoid paying a fee.

It’s chaos. Then it gets worse.

Those around me notice three young women, who look to be in their early 20s, butting in where there’s a split in the line.

Chuckling and smiling at each other. Quite proud they appear to have gotten away with it.

That’s until other travellers approach and call them out. This sends them scurrying to the back of the line. Not before spewing four letter words at everyone they pass.

Later, I overhear one mention they’re from Manchester, England and heading to Vietnam.

So glad I’m heading in a different direction.

Article on top ten rude traveller nations

In the future, whenever someone says “Manchester” I’ll think about these rude tourists.

Take away: don’t embarrass yourself and your nation with your ugly behaviour.

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