Was going to buy a new suitcase … then I remembered I was flying United

Enroute to SFO. Oblivious to the United horror awaiting me.

Enroute to SFO. Oblivious to the United horror awaiting me .

I rate United Airlines 0/10.


There’s a story behind this rating.

Not wanting to relive it by rewriting the event, you can read all about it on this Storify link.

United settled with me in the end. A travel voucher for a reduced fare good for one year. It came no where close to compensating me for the money shelled out on my end due to its spectacularly abysmal service.

I’ve used the voucher for a trip later this summer between Seattle and Puerto Vallarta, with a connection in Houston. Ample opportunity for United to screw me over again and maybe lose my luggage this time.

Perhaps it’s unfair to judge an airline by one terrible experience, albeit my WORST airline experience ever. I intend to go into this next trip with an open mind, hoping for the best possible outcome. I desperately want United to fix its problems and become a good airline.

Not taking any chances, the ultra light new suitcase I plan to buy will happen AFTER this trip.

Read Skytrax reviews of United.

United Breaks Guitars YouTube video.

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