Airplane seats – adventures in the sky

Backing up against the window. Don't ask me to give up the seat I booked months in advance and paid for.

Backing up against the window. Don’t ask me to give up the seat I booked months in advance and paid for.

Sometimes I travel alone. Sometimes with others. Either way, I always book my seat in advance. Nowadays, that means paying a surcharge. I don’t mind.

I want what I want.

I’m organized.

I plan.

I book months in advance.

I often don’t sit with the people I’m travelling with. So, I look like a solo traveller. This, I reckon, is why people in groups think I’m fair game for requests to change seats to accommodate them. Then pout when I refuse.

I have no patience for this.

Was on an Air Transit flight last year to Mexico where I’d paid an extra $300+ for Club Class, similar to business class. The seats are arranged in pairs. Transat is a charter airline and seller of vacations.

The 30-something woman next to me in the aisle seat was travelling with a male who was in the aisle seat one row up. That’s right. They didn’t get seats together. That’s what happens when the other seats have been taken when you finally get around to booking.

I note there were lots of seats in economy class where they could have sat together. This was NOT a case of a family, with children in tow, being split up.

Long story short, HE asked her to ask me to change seats so they could sit together. Would have meant an aisle seat for me.

“No thanks”, I replied.

Reviewing why I said NO:

  • I booked early and paid for the window seat I wanted.
  • Buddy didn’t even have the courage to ask me to change. Made her do it.
  • I hate aisle seats on flights over 90 minutes.

After much scowling in my direction, she finally persuaded/bullied(?) another passenger to accommodate her.  Perfect outcome for all involved.

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