Tank versus the Thai market merchants (I win, I think)

Good deals can be had. But you have to work for them.

Good deals can be had. But you have to work for them.

Yeah, I know. It’s a tourist trap of the worst kind. Still, I decided to check out the Damnoen Floating Market about an hour from Bangkok. I’m a mermaid, you see. I like being around water. This was water you definitely didn’t want to fall into. Yuck. Polluted.

Window shopping was the goal. Maybe make a purchase. If the price was right.

A fabulous handbag caught my eye. “2500 Bhat” was price the quoted to me. That’s about $82 Canadian, $80 American and 60 Euros.

“Too much”, was my reply and off I went in search of food, which turned out to be the best meal I had in Thailand.

I later returned to the stall and made the very generous offer of 500 Bhat, roughly $16.00 Canadian.

“NO WAY LADY”,  the sales girl shrieked. I countered with 600 Bhat. She went off to confer with a colleague then counter-countered with 650 Bhat.

More images of the market and other Tank’s Travels pictures…

When I dug into my purse to see if I had 650 Bhat, she dropped the price to 600.

SOLD. For less that $20 Canadian.

Got my purse. Finding room for it in the suitcase, well that’s a story for another day.

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